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Does your home or building look and feel too dark and unwelcoming? Why not install roof windows and skylights Margate to brighten up your space and let in more natural light?

When installed properly and strategically, skylights and roof windows work like magic. These features can transform any space, including stairwells, hallways, and other dark areas, and give them spectacular views for everyone to behold. 

Our roofers can help you add a special and unique touch to your property without blowing your budget. Whether you prefer smaller roof windows or a fixed skylight, we’ll be more than happy to guide you in choosing the best option for you and your needs. 

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We Specialise in Skylight and Roof Window Installation and Repair

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Margate Skylights

Introducing light into your roof space can have a stunning effect not only on its appearance but also on its overall value. Installing a roof window or skylight is the easiest and most famous way of doing this. After all, natural light is the best way to make any room feel and look airy, spacious, calming, and comfortable. 

Whether you want to create a more enjoyable space where people can spend time or increase your property’s overall value, a well-placed skylight or roof window will make your interior special.  

Our team at Castle has extensive experience installing these two features, and we will also be ready to help meet your unique needs. Before its installation, we will consider different factors, including the roof’s location and the direction of the roof window or skylight. We will also help you choose the best model that suits your budget and unique situation. 

Our skylight and roof window services in Margate include the following:

Skylights Margate Kent

Skylights are an architectural attraction, adding English style and a touch of elegance to any business or residential projects, with a variety of types and materials to choose from, including concrete, and offering homeowners and professionals alike a variety of options that will complement their roofs, driveways, walkways, and more – trust our skilled professionals to provide you with detailed information, ratings, and excellent service to meet your unique needs.

Our Professional

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Experts should only do the repair and installation of skylights and roof windows with extensive experience in the field. These features must follow precise instructions from the manufacturer to prevent leaks and other issues. 

The good news is that our team is made up of experts in the field, allowing them to install your skylights and roof windows cost-effectively and efficiently. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform installation and repair so you can look forward to quality results that will brighten your space and your life. 

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Initial Consultation

We recognise that it’s not just a matter of installing or repairing roof windows or skylights. Instead, we’re creating an environment in which you and everyone in your home or building will be immersed. Thus, we want to ensure that we’re doing things right from the beginning. We will take time to learn more about the structure and your vision to identify the steps we will undertake for the project. 

Proposal and Specifications

Once we have determined your needs, timelines, and goals, together with the structural requirements, we will produce proposals that reflect what you have in mind while considering your budget. We will also educate you about the best placement for sun exposure, the ideal design for the ultimate aesthetic appeal, and the perfect product to maximize energy efficiency

Actual Work

 We won’t make you wait for the light to shine upon your space finally. After you give our proposal a thumbs-up, we will schedule our work according to your timelines, assign the best team members for the job, and get started with your project. Once the work begins, we will update you about the progress so you won’t be left out in the dark. 


We won’t leave your home or building messy in any way. We respect it as if it’s our own. That’s why our team will ensure that no mess is left behind. You won’t even notice that we were ever there. Of course, you’ll only notice once you feel the warmth of the beautiful sunlight streaming inside.

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Why Choose Us?

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Castle Roofing Margate never believes in rushed repairs or installations that use cheaper materials or disregard local code restrictions. We take great pride in our craft, and we won’t do anything that can tarnish our reputation. 

We Get It Right All the Time

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We always stand by our work; if something goes wrong during the process, we won’t waste any minute and get to work to fix it immediately. We believe in doing things right, so that’s what we will do every time. 

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We Understand You

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Installing and repairing roof windows and skylights Margate are not minor changes. These are large investments, and we understand if you expect a lot from us, considering the value at stake here. Don’t worry because we won’t disappoint you. 

We Keep Our Promises

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Promises are good, but these will be useless if you don’t keep them. At Castle, we always keep our promises and live up to our words. 

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Frequently Asked

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Margate Skylights Kent

What’s the difference between roof windows and skylights?

A skylight is designed for unoccupied rooms such as garages or storage attics, while roof windows are meant for occupied areas where insulation and other factors are critical. 

Can I leave my roof windows open when it rains?

You can leave your roof window open only during light rains and with a small opening. Rain splatter might enter if you leave it open in heavy rain. 

What’s the best angle for skylights?

The minimum pitch for skylights is 3”, although you can consider a pitch of up to 5” to ensure proper runoff, especially for larger skylights. However, the maximum and minimum pitch required for skylights may vary depending on the brand. Don’t worry because our team will ensure we follow the manufacturers’ instructions. 

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