Lead Roofing

Lead has always been acclaimed for the natural properties that make it suitable for roof detail work and coverings. Thanks to its durability, you can cut, weld, use, and work with lead in the different aspects of any roofing project. 

For centuries, lead has been a favourite roofing material, and when laid and installed properly, it can last for over a hundred years! Lead can weather significantly well throughout its lifespan, requiring very little to almost no maintenance at all. 

Castle has a highly skilled team of professionals who specialise in lead work and lead roofing Margate. We undertake different aspects of lead work, from complete flat roofs to canopies, gutters, flashings, finals, porticos, dormers, and general waterproofing. 

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Lead Roofers Margate

Contrary to popular belief, lead sheets don’t pose any environmental risk despite water run-offs. The material doesn’t present a hazard to human beings as long as it is properly applied in compliance with standard construction industry practice. 

As long as workers observe and follow simple hygienic precautions, they can handle significant quantities without exposure to occupational health risks. 

Castle works with sand-cast lead, machine cast, and milled lead. We are here to help you whether you need restoration or new lead work. 

Our competent and skilled lead workers carry out all our lead work projects, taking great pride in every aspect of their job with a commitment to the highest quality standards. 

Our lead work services include: 

Lead Margate Specialise

At our lead roofing business in Margate, we offer exceptional workmanship and roofing services that cover everything from roof repairs to roof replacements, and our experienced roofers are trained to handle any roofing issue, whether it’s damage to flat roofing, slate roof tiles, or gutters, soffits, and fascias, all while providing upfront information on factors like insurance, materials, and cost, and with our excellent reviews and satisfied customers, we guarantee that you’ll receive top-quality service for all your roofing and property maintenance needs.

Our Professional

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Castle follows an expert process for all our projects on lead work and lead roofing Margate. 

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We offer full written quotes. We survey every project first, and our quotes include images of all necessary work. You can receive the quote in just a few hours following the survey. 

Actual Work

Our roofer team is always confident in the quality of our work, so you can be sure that the moment we arrive on your premises, we’ll get started right away with no wasted time. 

Warranty and Aftercare

Every lead work that Castle carries out is guaranteed and backed by warranty. 

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Why Choose Us?

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As the premier roofing company in Margate, Castle is dedicated and committed to the perfection of every roofing job. We also spend time guiding our clients and giving them a comprehensive walkthrough of the roofing process. We specialize in flat roof solutions for all types of buildings in Kent, including tile, felt, GRP, and leadwork. Our expert team provides top-notch service and ensures that your roof is fitted with the most suitable type of lead roofing for your building. Trust us for all your lead roofing needs.

We also make it a point to give you peace of mind from your first point of contact with our company until we leave your premises. We are not one of those storm-chaser roofing contractors travelling across the country in search of traumatised structures. We take every project seriously and will give you the best value for your money every time. 

Here are some reasons why we continue to be the trusted name for lead work projects in and around Margate:

Customized Lead Work Solutions

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Castle understands that every property is different. That’s why we provide customised solutions for lead work and lead roofing Margate to meet your property’s unique needs. Our team of specialists will work with you to develop a plan that fits your requirements and budget, whether you need a new lead roof or need to repair a few lead work components. 

Lead Roofing Margate Kent
Lead Roofing Kent Margate

Outstanding Customer Service

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Our company also takes great pride in our outstanding customer service. We understand how stressful roofing projects can be, so we always work hard to make the entire process as hassle-free and smooth as possible. 

We will keep you informed and updated every step of the way. We are happy to answer your questions and guide you from beginning to end. We firmly believe that good communication is the secret to the success of our projects, so we constantly strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. 

Proven Expertise and Experience

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Castle has been catering to the lead roofing needs of our clients in the Margate area for many years. Our team of experienced experts handles different types of lead work projects. We are familiar with the unique challenges that lead work can pose. Don’t worry; we have the skills and knowledge to address all relevant challenges and offer the best solutions to keep your property protected, secure, and safe. 

If you’re a houseowner in Margate with lead roofing, don’t wait until a problem arises – schedule a professional inspection of your guttering, shingles, and brickwork to keep your lead roof in good condition. And if you’re facing a lead roof problem, act fast and contact our qualified contractor who specializes in lead roofing in Margate to explore your roof repair or roof replacement options. Don’t let leaks worsen or compromise the integrity of your roof – call or message us now to schedule a consultation with a trusted lead roofing expert in Margate.

Lead Margate Roofing
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Lead Roofing Margate

Connoisseur Installation

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Installation is a crucial part of all lead roofing and lead work projects. We also understand that expert installation is important to your roof’s long-term performance. We always take extra care to ensure that all our projects are done with utmost attention to quality and details. We strictly adhere to industry standards and best practices to ensure the proper roof installation that lasts for years. 


Frequently Asked

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Lead Roofing Margate CT9 Kent

Can you paint my lead roof?

When painting lead, most people do so to make the material look brand new or give it a fresher appearance. They don’t often paint, lead to change its colour alone. That’s why we don’t always recommend it unless necessary. 

How long will it take your team to complete lead work?

The access required and the scope of work determine the duration of all our lead work installations. 

Why is lead used on many roofs today?

Lead has several notable qualities that make it a good choice for roofing systems. These include aesthetics, versatility, weather resistance, recyclability, and malleability. 

Will your team consider any roof size for lead work?

Yes, Castle Roofing Margate can install, replace, or repair lead flashings from a single missing part of step flashing to the chimney stack and even perform complete lead flashing replacement of your dormer roof.