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No house or building will ever stand tall and proud without a roof. Here at Castle Roofing Margate, we don’t just specialise in roofing systems. We are committed to providing a roof that you’ll love for years!

As the leading roofing contractors in the Kent area, we know all too well that our clients expect a job done well from the beginning and top-quality workmanship like no other.

Our team firmly believes that every roof is unique, with unique details that require special care and attention. We don’t back down even from the most challenging roofing work. We are confident that combining our expert craftsmanship and premium materials will help us create the best exterior solution that no other residential or roofing company in the Margate, Kent area can provide. 

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Margate Kent Roofing

Castle prides itself on being the trusted roofer for homeowners and building owners in and around the Margate area. Our team always begins with a thorough inspection; from there, we’ll give you accurate advice on the next steps.

As the leading roofing system experts, we always guarantee and ensure top-quality roofing services, whatever your needs are. We pay attention to even the smallest details, from roof inspections to installations and repairs. Our team’s specialised knowledge, state-of-the-art roofing techniques, reliable premium quality products and materials like asphalt, copper, plywood, and utmost dedication allows us to deliver the best results you deserve. 

From the first time you get in touch with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is safe and you don’t have to worry about issues, damage, and unnecessary stress. 

Our top roofing services include:

Roofing Margate Kent

We take pride in offering exceptional roofing services to both residential and commercial properties, upholding high industry standards and serving a wide range of areas as trusted members of tradespeople. Our team provides comprehensive solutions for all roofing needs, from felt chimney to gutters, fascias, soffits, and more, ensuring that all relevant information, insurance, and health standards are in place to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Professional
Roofing Process

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If you plan to install a new roof for your home or building, you probably wonder how the process works. Castle Roofing Margate is a professional contractor that follows a professional approach for our installation, repair, and replacement projects. 

Roofing Margate

Initial Call and Consultation

We always like surprises more than you do. This is why honesty, integrity, and communication play a big role in our history and business. Our team members will ask important questions during your initial call and consultation. It will help us understand what you need and ensure we understand what is required. We will then schedule a time convenient for you to visit your premises. 

Site Visit

When our estimator arrives, they will address your specific concerns and needs. Again, expect more questions regarding the structure and its history. We may also request to check your attic to see if there are potential mould issues. We will also inspect insulation, roof ventilation, moisture and roof deck conditions. 

Once the thorough inspection is completed, we will prepare a job site form that indicates the problems, their corresponding solutions, any specific requests you may have, and other relevant details. We will also give you an estimated project cost so you can prepare accordingly. 


Our team will order all the necessary materials and oversee the job during the day of the installation, repair, or replacement. We have project managers who’ll be on the job site throughout the procedure and regularly visit to check progress, supervise specific construction issues or details, and answer questions. 

After finishing the job, our project managers will give you a final walkthrough to ensure we don’t miss anything. They will also review anything else you feel needs to be changed or completed. 

Final Cleanup

We won’t leave your premises until we ensure no nails, shingles, or trash are left behind. We will run nail magnets around your premises to pick up stray nails and metal objects that might pose harm to people and vehicles. 

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Why Choose Us?

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As your number one roofing contractor in Margate, Castle always strives to maintain trusting and positive relationships with all our clients. We want to make sure that your roofing system will last throughout the life of your structure or property. 

We aren’t your ordinary roofers. At Castle, we’ll provide professional roofing services and advice tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us for their roofing projects:

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We closely supervise and manage our team’s day-to-day operations, regardless of the job size. We always get things done right the first time. Feel free to read our client’s testimonials and reviews to understand our professionalism and craftsmanship. At Margate Roofing services, we take pride in providing top-notch roofing services while maintaining high industry standards, working with a wide range of roofing materials such as slate, shingle, and tile. As trusted members of the trade, we offer quotes and estimates via phone or in-person, and we provide a comprehensive range of options for every type of roofing part, including gutters, lumber, truss, beam, post, and column. Whether it’s a simple leak or a full replacement, we ensure that everything is taken care of for our customers. 

Roofers Margate Kent
Roofers Margate

Established Roofing Contractors

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We have been in business for years, allowing us to establish a physical footprint in our local community. We are not a fly-by-night contractor who vanishes into thin air after getting your money. Our loyal clientele in Margate continually trusts us for all their roofing needs. 

Proven Experience

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Castle has extensive experience in correct and economical roof installations, repairs, and replacements. With years of serving residential and commercial customers in the area, you can always count on our professionalism and expertise. We provide various ways to deal with roofing needs, including tar and gutter installation. Our customers can trust that their family homes will look great, and we always provide an estimate before any work is done to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

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Margate Roofers


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We are certified and licensed roofing professionals, so you can be sure that we will always ensure your roof is safe and functional. 

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Frequently Asked

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Margate Roofing

How long will my new roofing system last?

Our roofing systems are designed and made to last for years. However, their lifespan will depend on factors such as adequate maintenance, material suitability and quality, and local environmental and weather conditions. 

Do I need to replace my roof completely if it leaks?

Not necessarily. Some water leaks are only minor and can easily be solved with a simple roof repair. But for irreversible roof system failure, a total replacement may be necessary. 

How much will a new roofing system cost me?

The price and quote of your new roof system may vary depending on various elements and factors like your chosen material, time of the year, and more. 

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Roofing Margate CT9